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Tickets Sales

Sell more tickets for fundraisers online

  • Sell tickets for events and fundraisers online
  • Available 24/7 from anywhere, increasing sales and reducing hassle
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Online Payments

Collect school payments online

  • Making it easier for the school to collect payments from parents
  • Collect payments online for school dinners, trips away and school fundraisers
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Membership & Registration

Sell more tickets for fundraisers online

  • Members and players can register and pay online
  • Easier to track with downloadable reports
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Event Registrations

Members can register for klub events online

  • Take online payments and capture details for events
  • Know whos coming and get paid up front
  • Summer Camp, Race, Club Night and more...
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Low Cost Payments

Take payments online from as low as 1%

  • Collect low cost payments securely online
  • No setup fees. No commission added.
  • (**New**) Take Contactless Payments on the go
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